Top Tips for Keeping your Flowers for as Long as Possible

Take a look at the following top tips from Persephone Violet on how to enjoy your flowers for as long as possible:

Change the Water Daily

This may be easier said than done as not everyone has time in their day-to-day routine to change the water in the vase but it can really make a huge difference to the life of the flowers.

Using Flower Food Daily or Every Other Day

Flower food has been tried and tested, improved and produced to meet the needs of the fresh flowers that we like to keep in our houses. All flowers should come with a supply of flower food for you to use. Make sure the instructions are followed so the flower food is diluted sufficiently.

Arranging Flowers

Recut the Stems at a 45 Degree Angle before Placing them in the Water

Recutting the stems of flowers before returning them to water is very important no matter how long they have been out of water for. An air-block is created at the end of the stem when it is allowed to dry out. If the end of the stem isn’t removed this block means that the flower cannot access any water and will wilt and die as a result. Cutting the stem at a 45 degree angle is also important as the surface area which is in contact with water is increased therefore a larger amount of water is taken up, which allows the flower to last longer.

Do not Place in a Draught, near a Direct Heat Source such as Sunlight or a Radiator

Flowers need the temperature around them to be kept constant. When in a draught the flowers are shocked and cannot acclimatise. When in a too hot position the flowers cannot take up enough water to replace what they are using due to overheating causing them to wilt and consequently die before they should. If moved from the adverse climate and by changing the water and recutting the stems this can help to lengthen life.

Remove any Dead Foliage or Flower Stems Immediately

Take out any dead flowers as early as possible because they can speed up the process of the other flowers going over. Once a flower stem has gone over it starts to decompose and therefore the others are influenced by this and can follow suit causing all the flowers to die.

Don’t let your Flowers Run Dry

Make sure your flowers never run out of water. Put your flowers in a drought and they will die like we would in the middle of a dessert without water.

Make sure that your Vase is Clean

Bacteria can grown anywhere and can be really detrimental to the lifespan of the flowers. Cleaning your vase or container before using it with bleach can be really beneficial to the flowers. Especially Gerbera’s as they prefer the cleanest water to survive.


Flowers are living things like you and I and you need to be gentle with them. To maximise life span on your flowers follow the below criteria ….

  • Cut the stems at an angle
  • Replace the water daily or every other day
  • Remove dead foliage/stems of flowers
  • Make sure your vessel is clean
  • Use the flower food provided
  • Don’t forget to replace the flowers once they have gone over

The above tips can also be useful for those of you that would like to keep your wedding flowers for as long as possible after the big day.

Persephone Violet deliver flowers throughout Gloucestershire and Wiltshire for more tips and advice please contact us.

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