A man walked into a flower shop …

Or How likely is it in 2014 for you to venture into the local high street? With online shopping, internet downloads and amazon taking us all by storm what is the point of ‘physical’ shops anymore? Walking down my local high street there are at least three empty shops. Not only are there empty shops but 5 estate agents 3 charity shops and hairdressers or barbers all of these taking up retail space in the high street this leaves hardly any actual shops left – but who uses them anyway??

  • Parking
  • Weather
  • Time
  • Effort – can I be bothered?
  • What can I get there that I can’t get just as easy if not easier at home?
  • Cost of petrol vs delivery costs

All of the above factors influence whether or not you decide to venture outside of the house to shops. Most of the influencing factors are against leaving the house.

Food for thought – why venture into a shop when everything you could possibly ever want is at your finger tips in the latest smart phone???

I have seen a slow change recently where businesses are becoming more and more internet based. E commerce websites and shops on Ebay are becoming all the more popular with the times. Even my wholesaler has moved with the times to create an app for purchasing of flowers and sundries whilst on the go! With our ever increasing busy lives and heavy work loads this is a fabulous new addition to make life that little bit easier.

Having decided that a shop premises isn’t where it’s at in today’s market I have instead created an online shop window which means that I can convey the bespoke customer services I can provide 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


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