Wedding Terms and Conditions

Consultations, Booking info, Payments and Acts of God

  • Initial wedding flower consultations with Persephone Violet are free of charge. Any additional consultations prior to booking are charged per hour.
  • To secure your wedding date Persephone Violet asks for a non-refundable £50.00 booking fee to hold your wedding date.
  • This is subtracted from the final invoice.
  • The full balance will be required no less than two weeks prior to the wedding date where you will receive a fully itemised final invoice detailing all delivery plans and quantities of items Persephone Violet is providing. Wedding payments are accepted by bank transfer only.
  • Persephone Violet Cannot be held responsible for issues with flower deliveries owing to an act of god.

Flower variations, booking changes/cancellations and allergy information

  • Changes can be made up until six weeks prior to the wedding date.
  • No one other than the client can make changes to the booking unless previously discussed and agreed with Persephone Violet.
  • In the case of event cancellation, the following charges apply:
    • 6 months prior to the event incurs the loss of the booking fee
    • 3 – 6 months prior to the event incurs a 50% balance charge
    • 1 – 3 months prior to the event incurs a 75% balance charge
    • Less than one month prior to the event incurs a 100% charge
    • Within 6 months of the event Persephone Violet is likely to have turned other bookings away and will struggle to rebook the date at such short notice causing a loss to the business hence the cancellation charges detailed above.
      Cancellation after the full balance is settled will result in no refunds being made.
  • Prices may change due to market conditions however once quoted and confirmed by paying the booking fee no price changes will occur.
    • The only exception to term 9 Is the effect Brexit might have on our flower prices that are imported. Any weddings post Brexit might incur additional costs to prevent loss to Persephone Violet.
  • No major order changes can be made in the final six weeks leading up to the event. Flowers are ordered between 7 and 10 days ahead of the wedding date so additions whist possible are at the discretion of Persephone Violet. It is not possible to remove any items within 6 weeks of the wedding.
  • If your wedding date is postponed or changed you must notify Persephone Violet as soon as possible. A minimum of 12 months notice is required for date changes to honour the booking fee. The new date must be available to book with Persephone Violet. Should the date be unavailable or the date change fall within 12 months clause 7 will apply.
  • Flowers and foliage’s are living, which means due to natural variation sometimes the flowers ordered can be of a slightly different colour or shade to what was originally thought. Therefore, Persephone Violet reserves the right to adjust flowers used to fit with the overall theme. Flowers used are subject to availability and strict quality checks.
  • Colours will be matched as closely as possible based upon discussions during wedding flower consultations. Flowers are a living product and therefore some small colour variations can happen from time to time.
  • Persephone Violet accepts no responsibility for any allergic reactions caused by flowers provided. We will of course help to advise on floral materials that will reduce the affects of hay fever due to pollen if this is of particular concern.
  • Persephone Violet must be the only florist providing floral services on the day of the event unless this has been previously discussed and confirmed between Persephone Violet and the client. This includes wedding and event dressers and/or family members.

Container hire

  • All containers, bases, metal work and mechanical methods of creating displays are hired from Persephone Violet unless stated otherwise and therefore need to be returned after the event.
  • A refundable hire deposit is required when hiring items from Persephone Violet. The hire deposit amount is based upon the quantity of items hired to the client. The hire deposit is refunded in full upon the return or collection of the hired items in their original state. Collecting items can be arranged for a fee. All items must be returned to Persephone Violet within 2 working days of the wedding.
  • Any items broken or damaged during the wedding will be deducted from the hire deposit at full retail value. If the hire deposit is not sufficient to cover the loss or damage a further invoice for the additional amount will be issued.
  • Persephone Violet is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by broken glass, floral materials or other items/services supplied by Persephone Violet.


  • We are happy to deliver to up to 3 different addresses on the wedding day. This could include client location, reception venue and Church. All delivery instructions are followed by Persephone Violet based up on the delivery schedule provided from the client prior to the wedding.
  • Late deliveries due to the incorrect information being provided on the delivery schedule that impacts other delivery times will not be the responsibility of Persephone Violet.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the venues are accessible on the day of the wedding. Without access to the necessary venues it will significantly impact on the wedding day delivery schedule. Persephone Violet therefore cannot be held responsible for affected delivery times due to lack of access to venues.
  • Delivery is calculated and charged per mile from our shop address. Additional fees may be incurred if more than one van is required to transport the flowers from the shop to the venue. An additional fee is also incurred for set up and collection of items post wedding should this service be required. This delivery fee also includes the packaging materials required to transport your flowers safely, preventing any damage and to make it as easy as possible for the client to handle carefully.
  • Collection is possible – but at the clients own risk. Persephone Violet accepts no responsibility for the condition of the flowers once they have been signed off and have left the shop. Flowers are extremely fragile and therefore we request that careful thought is put in when requesting to collect.
  • Someone that is not the client may collect the order if collection is the option chosen. This needs to be agreed prior to collection with Persephone Violet and the client must be happy for the collector to act on their behalf signing to say that all flowers are as ordered and the correct quantities have been provided.


  • We reserve the right to use any photographs of your flowers taken by ourselves for marketing purposes.
  • Persephone Violet reserves the right to contact the client’s photographer for professional photos of the event.

Cake flowers

  • We are happy to provide wedding cake flowers for your big day, and will assist any cake creator to install these. Prior contact is required for us to ensure the flowers work with the design and so we can work out logistics with the cake creator.
  • Cake flowers will all be wired and taped, unless a different structure is required for the look of the cake. All materials used on the cake will be made as food safe as possible.
  • Persephone Violet cannot be held responsible for damage to icing or cake structure due to the addition of flowers.

Additional quote information

  • Quotes are valid for 21 days.
  • Our quotation is clearly laid out with individual prices for all items preventing any additional or hidden fees being charged.


  • All complaints must be made to Persephone Violet within 24 hours of delivery along with extensive photographic evidence.
  • No complaints of poor quality will be entered into once the wedding has been signed off by the client. i.e. when flowers are left in extreme temperatures.
  • A full list of items will be provided on the day, this will need to be signed off by the client to say that all items listed have been received and delivered as agreed.


By paying the required £50.00 booking fee you are legally bound to abide by our set out terms and conditions and any adjustments made to them during the duration of the booking with Persephone Violet whether this document has been signed and returned or not.