Monday 31st March 2014

This weekend has seen the massive marriage law shake up, where same sex marriage is now legal. A few years too late this couldn’t have come sooner for some couples. This means there is will no longer be any segregation in marriage, as well as equalising every marriage whether it’s between a man and a woman, two men or two women. Over 25 couples have made use of this new law this weekend and I’m sure many more will too over the coming months. A positive move forward for equality within our country for everyone no matter what your beliefs or values might be.

This weekend also welcomed mother’s day. Firstly I hope all the mum out there have been thoroughly spoilt and enjoy the flowers they have received, especially all those lucky mum’s who had flowers delivered from Persephone Violet. There has been a lot of speculation and complaints made around Interflora’s Mother’s Day flowers. As one of the largest relay services not only did they advertise a bouquet consisting of 90% English grown flowers but not providing this percentage therefore misleading customers, buts also providing shocking products nothing like what was ordered. These complaints which have amounted to more than 100 are shocking to see when local independent florists like Persephone Violet pride ourselves on the quality and standard of our bouquets of flowers. This goes to show that supporting local businesses is the way forward to get the product you want at the best price to get the desired end result. Read more about interflora’s mother’s day complaints here Interflora news article.

Nicola Barker was unhappy with the flowersNicola Barker said: 'The bouquet of flowers was also very small. More like a £5 bunch from a petrol station'

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