Sunday 23rd March 2014

Mother’s Day, Muttertag, La Festa della Mamma, Mothering Sunday, Fête des Mères, Día de las Madres… it goes by many different names, but however you say it, the expression of love and appreciation is the same. With only one week left until Mothers Day we are preparing ourselves at Persephone Violet for the next busy floral occasion. All mums deserve a treat so why not order from our unique Mother’s Day range for delivery? Taking your mum out to lunch what not have the flowers delivered to be placed on the table or to your house on the Saturday ready to personally present on Mothering Sunday. As the meaning of flowers is at the forefront of our floral designs we have chosen flowers appropriate to the occasion of mother’s day. Mother’s day was firstly celebrated in 1908 in the US before it was turned into an international celebration in 1920. Mother’s day is a Sunday every year and is always the last Sunday in lent. This means Mother’s day is always celebrated in spring which was intentional to symbolise the rebirth of the earth and plant materials. In our designs we have used tulips which mean perfect love which is shared between a mother and her children. Pink Roses also also meaningful at this time of year as they show admiration and also elegance. Our Opulent Orchid basket connotes love and beauty and are seen as a luxury flower. With only a week to go why not give us a call on 07958562307, email or order through our website.

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