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Here at Persephone Violet HQ we have been working recently with a relatively new company called Florismart. If you have been keeping up to date with our blogs you will know we have been talking a lot about this company of late and the great work they do for us florists which we can then pass onto our customers too.

Today’s blog is going to focus on the many environmental considerations that Florismart are driving to ensure the planet is constantly improving for our children, our children’s children, and beyond.

First of all, ALL of my very green waste is collected when my new fresh flowers are dropped off. This is then recycled, broken down and made into a new useful bi-product of compost. I have so many stem cuttings, leaves and the occasional guard petal from my roses that I have been composting myself since starting business back in 2014 but I haven’t the space nor the use for the amount of compost being produced from it. So to have Florismart take away ALL of this for me and at no extra cost is awesome for me and my business and also for the planet.

If taking away all of my green waste wasn’t enough, they also collect any cardboard I have accrued from them or anyone else I have ordered from. This is also fantastic as the boxes get reused for future flower deliveries and are do not collect up in my workspace until I have another use for them!

AND as well as green waste and cardboard Florismart will also take away plant trays too. So really what’s left? Basically nothing! As a florist my business is incredibly green in terms of the waste it produces. From our flower deliveries the only thing that cannot be recycled by Florismart is any cellophane. From my first few deliveries of flowers from Florismart I have only received two bunches of flowers wrapped in cellophane, most have been wrapped in paper (another RECYCLABLE material). It is evidently clear that they really care about the environment along with Persephone Violet alike. Not only do they care about being a green company that does everything possible for the environment BUT they make it incredibly easy for their customers to do the same. There is no excuse for any florist to not recycle when Florismart provide all the necessary tools to do so. Separating waste might take a little longer to do and a while to implement, but the results are a cleaner, greener business with less waste. Here at Persephone Violet HQ we are extremely passionate about not leaving a lasting impact on the earth’s ability to function in the future. So with the help of Florismart we have never found it easier to reduce wastage and increase recycling.

Lastly any flowers that have been advertised on their webshop platform for more than two days are removed from sale. All of these flowers are given to nursing homes in the South East for people to enjoy and again to reduce the waste produced. Whilst these flowers still have significant life in them, Florismart want all flowers sold to be in their prime freshness. This means that as a florist I can guarentee that nothing I buy from Florismart is more than two days old. Everything purchased is fresh and ready for me to use in displays a plenty for my customers. Always happy to help our planet.

Today’s quick summary

  • Florismart recycle all green floral waste, cardboard and plant trays for ALL of their customers
  • It is so easy to do so! Just leave the flower waste, cardboard and plant trays ready for their driver to collect on your next delivery.
  • Shout about this! All your customers want to know how green your business is!
  • Florismart never throw any flowers away, if they are older than two

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