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Persephone Plant guides CEROPEGIA WOODII string of hearts


Persephone’s Plant Guides are our mini-fact-files to ensure the best care for your household plants. This guide gives information on how to care for your string of hearts or Ceropegia Woodii plant. Browse more of our plant guides here. 

The Ceropegia Woodii, rosary vine, chain of pearls, string of hearts or sweetheart vine does isn’t blessed with a series of romantic names for nothing. This beauty is characterised by its heart shaped leaves on vines that tumble down like Rapunzel’s locks from the tower. If that doesn’t woo you, we’re not sure what will.


Hearts on a string is a great house plant, it’s sturdy, doesn’t take too much watering and is happy out of direct sunlight. Its unusual hanging form brings interest and greenery to any stark shelf or bookcase. And it’s a great option for you if you don’t have much surface space for greenery, or have a high shelf that needs a bit of oomph.

In floristry, its often used in professional designs and competitions due to the longevity of its heart-shaped leaves when detached from the plant.



  • It’s like a succulent, so water sparingly.
  • Make sure that the plant dries out completely between each watering.
  • When watering, don’t get the vine wet. It will rot if moist for too long.
  • Water less in the winter months where growth is much slower.


  • Does well in low light
  • It also well in brightly lit, indirect sunlight positions
  • Keep out of direct sunlight as much as possible


  • Use a cactus style soil
  • A high proportion of sand in the soil will ensure good drainage


  • Cut off the new growth and tuck into the soil at the top. This will aid propagation and will allow you to create a bushier effect on the top of the plant.

String of hearts CEROPEGIA WOODII hanging plant

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