Enchanted April

For all those that appreciate Wisteria and Sunshine I appreciate both. This book appeared on the library shelf and I am sad to say I judged the book by its cover it was covered in bright dandelions and my love of all things flora drew me to read it.

It is a feel good story and yes I do appreciate Wisteria and indeed sunshine, Flowers are my sunshine I am so fortunate to be able to bring joy into peoples lives with flowers.  There is not much that does not look better after a cup of tea and bunch of beautiful blooms.

Enchanted April is a novel where  Lottie Wilkins is trapped in an unhappy marriage and is clearly depressed. But a chance reading of an advert in The Times at her ladies club transforms her life. The advert reads: “To those who appreciate wisteria and sunshine”. The piece offers a small medieval castle in Italy for the month of April. It seems an impossible dream, until she meets Rose Arbuthnot, with a face “like a disappointed Madonna” (Whose husband writes scandalous novels about fallen women under a pen name). What if together they take the castle, share the costs, and escape? Two other unhappy, damaged women, one old and sour, the other a young and beautiful socialite, join them.
Can a place, beautiful blooms and climate heal their sadness’s? A sentimental thought perhaps but a theme explored with humor and poignancy. More importantly, the book examines the idea that beauty, and escape, can bring an understanding that love cannot be weighed and measured. The experience brings each of them a clarity of thought. Although this proves cathartic and painful, the overwhelming beauty of San Salvatore transfigures their view of the world. But what about the husbands? Can it redeem them in their eyes as well? Lottie is so overwhelmed with guilt at enjoying herself that she takes the extraordinary step of inviting the very man she has escaped from to join her in Italy. And that’s when the fun really starts.  Read it it is most enjoyable.

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