Davenport’s Chocolate at Persephone Violet


Artisan Davenport chocolate box

At Persephone Violet, celebrations are our forte. Flowers and occasions go hand in hand. But there’s one other thing celebration calls for, and that’s chocolate. 

Persephone Violet now stocks Davenport’s, the artisan chocolates, an indulgence to accompany any floral design.

Jane Williams, a classically trained chocolatier, started Davenport’s chocolatiers over ten years ago in the North of the UK. Jane preserves the traditional Swiss method of “enrobing”, where carefully crafted centres are delicately coated in the silkiest, quality chocolate. Even today, Davenport’s still hand make their chocolates. And like us, Davenport’s bring creativity and craftsmanship to everything they do (boy can you tell!).

We recommend every single one of Davenport’s Signature Collection, having tasted them all, of course. But Raspberry Rose is a personal favourite: “inspired by a rose with a wonderful bouquet of raspberries, this truffle beautifully marries the essence of an English garden with the rich indulgence of dark chocolate.”



Artisan Davenport Chocolate

Buy Davenports Signature Collection on our website now. 

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