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Planning the day you tie the knot is an exciting process and picking the flowers is the most fun part (okay, okay, we’re a bit biased). But seriously, meeting with your florist and brainstorming ideas can be a fun and crucial step in the wedding-planning process. Whether the blooms you pick for your wedding are the center of the ceremony, or a simple addition to your bridal accoutrements, it’s important to go through your ideas properly at your florist consultation to ensure you get what you want. 

As florists, it’s our goal to get the best understanding possible of you, your fiancé and your vision for the wedding. At Persephone Violet, our wedding consultations are usually a 45 minute informal chat over tea. There are no obligations or expectations and it is a chance for us to understand your ideas and for you to see if you’d like to work together. After we’ve gone through your ideas, you can expect a follow up a week later to discuss plans and ideas and see if you’d like to go ahead. 

The consultation is primarily about finding how to shape your wedding flowers to work for you. There are some things we’ve learned that can be really useful ways to get to the heart of things. We’ve compiled a list of things you can bring to your wedding consultation that are really helpful for this process:

  1. Inspiration

Bring the along things that make have inspired your floral ideas. Whether it’s pages from a magazine, a Pinterest board, old family wedding photos or pictures of your garden – anything that inspires your floral dreams. Bring it all! Having something tangible to talk through can be a great starting point. As part of this, bring along examples of the colour palette you have in mind. 

  1. A picture of the dress and/or suit

If you’ve got one, bring a picture of your dress or suit to your consultation. And if you’ve picked out your bridesmaid dresses and groom and groomsmen suits, bring pictures of those too.  It can help us form an idea of your colour scheme and your style. Importantly, we can design the bouquets and button holes to co-ordinate exactly with what you’ll be wearing. 

  1. Material swatches 

The fabrics you’re using can actually give a lot of information. Material swatches can give a great idea of the textures and colours you’re drawn towards. tit’s also useful to have something to hold up to different plants to see how they go. Fabrics change in the light in ways that photographs don’t. 

  1. Photographs by your photographer

If you’ve already booked your photographer, bring some pictures taken by them. It can be a great insight into the style you’re going for and how the flowers may photograph. 

  1. Budget 

A boring but important one. Coming with an idea of the money you want to spend can help the florist draw a picture of what can be achieved, and to make the most of the money you’re spending. It doesn’t have to be finalised at this stage, but having an understanding of a ball park figure can help the florist know understand to get the most out of your budget. If you’re not sure what you want to spend on flowers, tell the florist this too. They will help to talk you through all the different options for any budget. 

  1. Your fiancé 

It’s great to meet both of you when discussing wedding flowers! So do bring along your other half too. 

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